Past Events from 2010

Orlando Anime Day - January 30th (done)

Hannah (Miz), CJ, Kiante, and Bridget (Slytherin Kitty) from Improv Anime and Anime-Zing will be volunteering at Orlando Anime Day! See you guys there!

Megacon- March 12th-14th (done)

We'll be at Megacon enjoying a work-free weekend filled with cosplay! Feel free to say hi!

Guerilla Anime Show at BTL Collective - May 22nd (done)

 Chibi-Pa Staff and Improv Anime are putting on some advertising events for Chibi-Pa: Sampler and Chibi-Pa: Go! Fun includes improv games, charades, trivia and a costume contest!

Metrocon- July 24 (Saturday) (done)

 1pm: The Vault (Panel Room 18)

Have you ever felt the need to express your undying hatred for a certain emo ninja? Is there a magical highschool girl whose dubbed voiceover sound like shuriken on a chalkboard? Is there an anime that you LOVE to HATE and want to tell everyone why? Well, this is the panel for you. The Vault dishes out one hour of rant time. What's brought to The Vault, stays in The Vault. Rules 1 and 2 apply.

 7pm: Battle of The Sexes (Panel Room 13-14)

      This trivia session will test the skills of congoers reguarding their knowledge of Sparkly School-Girl Romance and  Epic Manly Robots!  Do you know your samurai sword styles or ninja handsigns? Can you name the fuzzy furry sidekicks or pretty bishounen? Come represent your gender (or play as turncoat) in fast-paced game show style mayhem. How well do you know YOUR anime?

Past Events from 2009

Metrocon- June 20th

 Come check out our 'Hallway Improv!'

Anime Festival Orlando-July 31-August 2 (done)

Saturday 9:30pm - Improv Anime!
Palm Salon H - Improv Anime
Are you outgoing? Do you like breaking away from the norm? Are you willing to make a fool out of yourself...and others? Improv Anime presents a panel where you can be strange, silly, sexy, and something other than who you really are! Come and join us!

Chibi-Pa- September 4-6 (done)

Friday 8pm- Improv Anime: Release Your Inner Nerd!

Animation Supercon- October 2-4 (done)

Saturday 4pm - 5:30pm in Panel Room C

Come try a new form of 'Con Drama' and cause a scene with us!

Halloween with IRSC's Anime-Zing!- October 29-30 (done)

Indian River State College's media/culture club, Anime-zing!, is holding a very spooky meeting on October 30th. There'll be costume candy, and horror anime galore!

International Day with IRSC's Anime-zing!- November 10 (done)

Indian River State College's media/culture club, Anime-zing!, will be putting up a display for IRSC's International Day.

Matsumoto's Bleach Photoshoot at Morikami-  November 15 (done)

Improv Anime's Cosplay Expert, Ashley Piver, is hosting a Bleach Photoshoot at the The Morikami Museum on November 15th. IA members: Ashley Piver will be cosplaying as Rangiku Matsumoto, Brian Rabinovitch will be cosplaying Saijin Komamura, and Hannah Kline will be the slave photographer being dragged around by fanatical shinigamis.T^T