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Posted by improvanime on July 29, 2010 at 2:20 PM

Since Improv Anime's picked up a few extra events/panels this year:

1. The Spy Vs. Spy Con Game

2. Battle of the Sexes (Shounen/Shoujo Style)

3.  The Vault!?

4.Ohayo Improv

5. We're In Your Anime, Slashin' Your Boyz

6. Darker Than Zero: The Black Knights

5. Improv Anime Presents: Chibi-Pa's Cosplay Contest

We've decided to split the work more efficiently.

Bridget Sutorka is now Co-heading Improv Anime with Hannah Kline.

Bridget will be in charge of all Improv Anime and Ohayo Improv Panels.

Hannah will be in charge of correspondence, website maitenance, and misc. panels and major events.

Jeff Tuning and CJ Soles will be in charge of the Spy Vs. Spy Con Game at Chibi-Pa

They also are running the Darker Than Zero panel at AFO.

Jeff and Hannah co-produce The Vault and co-host Battle of the Sexes.

The LARP group, The Player's Guild, for AFO's ICE: Skies of Orlandia will be run by Lisa Grim

Lisa is also an Actor for Improv Anime at AFO.

Improv Anime is pleased to welcome Chibi-Pa's Cosplay Coordinator, Jaima Hart, as an honorary IA Member.

Improv Anime's Cosplay Consult, Ashley Piver, now works for Chibi-Pa as a cosplay judge.

Jaima, Ashley, and Hannah are working together for Chibi-Pa's Cosplay Contest.

New contacts will be posted on the Contact Us page. Improv Anime is excited for the help and thanks everyone that participates as an Actor or Particpant in any Improv Anime events.

Recent Thank You's:

Jackie Rafferty

Kristine Rivers

Arianna Kosoff

Frank Samuels


Alex Kraus

Chelsey Adams

Paul Cohen

Paul Weaver

Aaron Pabon

Ben Torrens

Rob Hernandez

Teppong โอม Teppawan

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