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Where It's Due

Posted by improvanime on July 29, 2010 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Since Improv Anime's picked up a few extra events/panels this year:

1. The Spy Vs. Spy Con Game

2. Battle of the Sexes (Shounen/Shoujo Style)

3.  The Vault!?

4.Ohayo Improv

5. We're In Your Anime, Slashin' Your Boyz

6. Darker Than Zero: The Black Knights

5. Improv Anime Presents: Chibi-Pa's Cosplay Contest

We've decided to split the work more efficiently.

Bridget Sutorka is now Co-heading Improv Anime with Hannah Kline.

Bridget will be in charge of all Improv Anime and Ohayo Improv Panels.

Hannah will be in charge of correspondence, website maitenance, and misc. panels and major events.

Jeff Tuning and CJ Soles will be in charge of the Spy Vs. Spy Con Game at Chibi-Pa

They also are running the Darker Than Zero panel at AFO.

Jeff and Hannah co-produce The Vault and co-host Battle of the Sexes.

The LARP group, The Player's Guild, for AFO's ICE: Skies of Orlandia will be run by Lisa Grim

Lisa is also an Actor for Improv Anime at AFO.

Improv Anime is pleased to welcome Chibi-Pa's Cosplay Coordinator, Jaima Hart, as an honorary IA Member.

Improv Anime's Cosplay Consult, Ashley Piver, now works for Chibi-Pa as a cosplay judge.

Jaima, Ashley, and Hannah are working together for Chibi-Pa's Cosplay Contest.

New contacts will be posted on the Contact Us page. Improv Anime is excited for the help and thanks everyone that participates as an Actor or Particpant in any Improv Anime events.

Recent Thank You's:

Jackie Rafferty

Kristine Rivers

Arianna Kosoff

Frank Samuels


Alex Kraus

Chelsey Adams

Paul Cohen

Paul Weaver

Aaron Pabon

Ben Torrens

Rob Hernandez

Teppong โอม Teppawan

Metrocon and Chibi-Pa: Sampler follow-up.

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Ah, Metrocon was simply amazing. Write-up and Angel Viera's pics are coming soon.

Oh! Pictures of Improv Anime's Panel, The Vault, got featured on Tampa's Channel 10 News Website for Metrocon!


Chibi-Pa: Sampler


Also, a little late, but Improv Anime's Jeff Tuning and CJ Soles put on a Spy vs. Spy game for Chibi-Pa: Sampler back on July 3rd. It'll be returning with the old games and brand new ones to Chibi-Pa:Go!!! on August 27th-29th.

Chibi-Pa's Tech-Master, Teppong, compiled a Chibi-Pa Sampler Not-So-Bite-Sized Digest Clip of the day. At 4:25 in the video you can see Chibi-Pa attendees unloading nerf guns on Jeff and CJ (Black and White Spy).

AFO: Skies of Orlandia PvP

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So, Anime Festival Orlando is starting a new arc in their convention PvP LARP called, "Skies of Orlandia". So, we as Improv Anime have decided to make our own guild.

The Player's Guild

The White Queen: Skye Wulfe

The White Knight: Morrigan Crypt/Miz Cryptic

The White Bishop: Madeleah Cess

The Black Bishop: Jean-Luc Carver/Checkmate Carter

The White Rook: Ihexia (Hex) Rihdan

The Black Rook: Soles Leafwright

If you wish to join prior to Anime Festival Orlando, join the AFO factions forum boards and post on the thread! See you soon!

Big (Needed) Update!

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Our camera man, Angel Viera's, Megacon photo can be found on his deviantart. We opted out of a con write-up this time 'round, because most of the Improv Anime members were busy with college finals. Our next write-up will be for Metrocon 2010.


Improv Anime teamed up with some of the staff from Chibi-Pa to put on a one-day anime events track at the BTL Collective in Miami.

Plus, our new members CJ Soles and Jeff Tuning have something in the work for Chibi-Pa: Sampler. More to come after Supercon..

Our Head of Cosplay Ashley Piver and I are heading to Supercon this Saturday. See you guys there!

Events Section Updated

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Animation Supercon was great fun. We captured some new members from IRSC's Anime-zing and took them with us. Some convention cherries were popped.

Thank-You's for ASC

- Thanks Kiante, Veon and Kitty for not being overwhelmed by our shennaigans.

- Thanks Brian (Iba) for driving and the enormous amount of candy. Saturday con attendees were quite appreciative of it.

- Of course, thank you Erica, Ashley (Matsumoto), CJ and Brian (Gonzo) for helping out at the panel. Lots of lulz because of you guys, and I'm never letting Erica near my yaoi manga again.

Improv Anime's Favorite Volunteers from ASC-

- Dario (Ranma): our favorite pervy Jurassic tour guide

- Teppong and Paul from Sensei Radio: Sorry for causing you guys too much trouble.

-Joel (Dante): for being our fantastic Sailor Moon

-Hitsugaya: I wish I could strike fear into Ashley like this cosplayer did. o_o


1. Con/Events Schedule has been updated. New events are up. Plus, our panel times have been posted for Zonacon.

2. Expect a Brief on Animation Supercon to be up by tomorrow. If I can get ahold of Veon from Anime-zing, then it'll be accompanied by some pictures. Matsumoto was a bit too preoccupied with stalking Wakka to get any good pictures. >_>

3. I'm working on a panels section that'll be up by the end of the week. It will encompass the different panels we do and what we're planning for upcoming conventions (Megacon and [email protected]).

Improv Anime's Random, Convention!

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 Improv Anime will be hosting a panel at Animation Supercon 4-5:30pm on October 3rd. We'll be in panel room C. See you guys there!

AFO X Pictures

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Our Cameraman, Angel Viera's, AFO X pictures are now up.

Chibi-Pa Con Report Up

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Improv Anime's Chibi-Pa Con Report is up. Check it out.

Worn out from Chibi-Pa: Evolution

Posted by improvanime on September 9, 2009 at 5:51 PM Comments comments (2)

We now have a playlist on Youtube! Check in our Con Videos section!

We all had a great time at Chibi-Pa: Evolution! I'll do a quick run through of thank-yous. By this weekend forums will be tweaked and we'll have our Adopted Players page up. Also, The Convention Schedule has changed, so feel free to check it out!

Panel Helper Thank-You's!

- Of course, thank you to my staff Angel Viera (Epic Cameraman) and Bridget Sutorka (Slytherin Kitty) for helping me put together an amazing improv'd improv panel.

- to our newest Adopted Players: RJ Patterson and Shane Andujar. Thanks for helping me last minute.

- to Aaron Pabon for helping me out for the 3rd year running improv panels.

- to James Parker and Paul Cohen from Sensei Radio for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the panel after I begged and pleaded.

- to Loretta and Marc, from Zonacon, for putting up with our shennanigans Friday night.

Staff Favorites

People who really made our panel fantastic this con.

- The Winners of the Scavenger Hunt: Mathew Huber, Aaron Levi, Ciarra Diaz, and Jonathan Diaz. Next time I'll have to make it a little harder on you guys. D:

- Uruhara: Greatest suggestions for scenes and characters. I love you man! ;^;

- MarioGirl, Tara Lurie and Erica (GUR jacket girl): For being great sports in The Party Game

- Jared: Epic Awesome Sauce. One of the funniest people at the panel.

- Bananaman: For being our own personal Panel Jesus.

Next Confirmed Convention

Improv Anime will be at Zonacon (November 20-22) on Saturday at 3pm. See you guys there!

Improv Anime's First Panel is a Success!

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Hey guys! We're back from Anime Festival Orlando!





Improv Anime's first panel as...well, Improv Anime, was a success! Our new cameraman, Angel, is in the midst of uploading video of nearly the ENTIRE panel to youtube. Once they're up, we'll post them here!


Bridget (Slytherin Kitty) and I (Miz Cryptic) would like to give special thank you's to those who really helped out to make the panel(s)* amazing.


- JK for being our Master of Ceremonies on the fly. I've never met a better Snape.


- Angel for recording the panel.


- Our three epic hawt judges that really outdid our expectations; Steven (Sanzo), Scar, and that one guy that didn't like Tinker Bell. D:


- Mr. and Mrs. Jewish satan. Amazing. 'nuff said.


- Lisa/Sky as our honorary actress. Having no prior clue to what she was doing (my fault D: ), she did an amazing job.


- Chelsey as Baby Eating Ryuk's Prosecutor. "So, you thought you'd have a little snack. A little bun in the oven."

- Kankurou for being a returning fan from a previous, "Whose Line is it Anime?!" panel.


- Lisa/Sky's evil twin. I didn't catch her name, but I nearly laughed 'til I cried when she tore off her wig.


- Tiffany and Shane- for assisting me in my morning and evening panels. Great actors and a great help!


- And, of course...Improv Anime's 2 favorite audience participants at AFO 2009. Squall (AKA Hot Guy) and Diddy Kong!


Our AFO 2009 Panel/Event Reviews will be up soon!