Got 'con drama'?

Improv Anime was started in an attempt to enhance the convention experience by allowing the con-goers to step into a character and interact with other participants in brief scenes of humor and havoc.

Because we realize that not everyone is a cosplay enthusiast. We allow those who do not sew/duct tape/weld to roleplay without cosplay.

So, want to join us for a panel? Or goof around during our hallway improv? Join our website on our members page to get on our mailing list or check out our con schedule! 

 Plus, we always need an extra hand or two with judging or promoting. So shoot us an e-mail at!

-Hannah Kline (Head of Improv Anime)

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 "Improv anime does not like their cheeseburgers in sub-zero temperatures, we don't even like cheese on our burgers." -Bridget